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3 steps to get involved in Crossfit Digbeth

At CrossFit Digbeth, your wellbeing is our main concern. To ensure you can participate in our activities in a safe and confident manner, we have a simple 3 step process to help ease your transition into the world of CrossFit.

1. Come to a Free Taster Session

We understand that CrossFit may look a bit scary if you’ve not done it before. That’s why we offer a free taster session in order to give you the chance to experience a Crossfit workout, meet other members and get a feel for what CrossFit is all about, in a safe and exciting environment. – Without any commitment whatsoever.

2. Complete Crossfit foundations

If you are new to Crossfit, the foundation course is where you learn the methodology, principles, and functional movements. We will introduce you to the fundamental movements used in CrossFit and teach them to you step-by-step.

You will take away a series of skills and techniques that you are required to perform correctly, to ensure your safety and at the correct level of intensity for you.

3. Pick a Membership plan

We have a variety of different memberships, to meet your budget, gym access and classes, starting from just £50 a month.

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Supporting your journey


Weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio or maybe you prefer Open Gym. Whatever your goal, we are here to guide you. Our CrossFit classes run daily and are available. Create a TeamUp account and get booked in.


BoxMate is a training log and performance tracking app you get as part of your membership. It’s the ideal place for tracking progress, checking out workouts, interacting with our community and keeping up to date with important gym news.